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3 important steps to take when planning for a Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

The decision to divorce is both an emotional choice and often a rational conclusion as well. An unhealthy marriage can affect somebody’s quality of life, and a spouse can have a major impact on someone’s health and finances.

The decision to divorce is not an easy one to make, and people often let their emotions dictate their conduct in the early stages of a Texas divorce. They decide to divorce, announce that to their spouse and then begin fighting over the countless details involved in ending a marriage.

Those who take the time to carefully prepare for divorce may have an easier time obtaining a favorable outcome. What are some of the necessary steps for a well-planned Texas divorce?

Gathering financial details

Long before someone talks to their spouse or involves the courts in divorce proceedings, they should start gathering personal copies of key financial records. Bank statements, monthly financial records and income tax returns are all among the documents that an individual will need to fully understand their marital finances. They may also want to create a thorough inventory of marital property before their spouse has a chance to intentionally remove items from their home.

Establishing separate financial accounts

It can take a bit of effort to open a new checking account and start a new line of credit. Freezing or closing accounts shared between spouses is common in the early days of divorce. Individuals who do not already have a separate checking account and personal lines of credit they want to prepare for divorce by opening accounts. That way, they have a checking account for routine spending and a revolving line of credit that will be accessible once they begin living separately from their spouse.

Connecting with outside help

There are many kinds of support that an individual going through a divorce will need. The first and most obvious is the support of a Texas family law attorney. Finding the right lawyer and discussing the upcoming divorce with that lawyer can help someone establish a more robust divorce preparation checklist. Many people will experience emotional challenges during divorce. Looking for a counselor or a divorce coach before filing could help speed up the process of connecting with support when the time comes.

Those who have not yet filed for divorce may also want to take stock of their personal relationships so that they know who they can turn to for assistance with everything from moving furniture to child care as they prepare to make drastic changes to their daily life. Preparing for divorce carefully – in these and a host of additional ways – can help to yield better outcomes for those leaving unhappy marriages than rushing into the process without any advance planning.